Two Bored Apes - NFT Podcast

Episode 34 - Twitter Q & A (10)

March 17, 2022 Two Bored Apes
Two Bored Apes - NFT Podcast
Episode 34 - Twitter Q & A (10)
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Two Bored Apes Episode 34 is the tenth Twitter Q & A episode, in which Jaime and Roy answer questions from the community. They talk a lot about Yuga Labs and the situation surrounding buying crypto punks and KYC, as well as ways to engage with creators and some historical context of art and digital art in today's episode. We hope you're enjoying this episode!

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Show Notes:
Book on computer art, that Jaime mentioned
Daniel Catt on selling physical prints
70s Pop Series One by Daniel Catt
Asemica by Emily Edelman
Roy's conversation with an IP lawyer on NFTs
Tokenframe: digital frames
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Twitter Q&A
Yuga Labs buying Crypto Punks
Quotes from Zeneca and Marcus Aurelius
Positive ways to engage with creators directly
A bit on the history of art and digital art
Where to find projects to mint or buy on a secondary marketplace?
How to get into blue chip NFT projects without tons of money
Food experiments with Jaime and Roy
Discussion on digital land and scarcity
Thoughts on BAYC KYC and privacy
One collection vs. multiple collections for 1/1 Artists
Let’s play - What am I thinking