Two Bored Apes - NFT Podcast

Episode 42 - Spike Lee

May 18, 2022 Two Bored Apes Episode 42
Two Bored Apes - NFT Podcast
Episode 42 - Spike Lee
Show Notes

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Welcome to another episode of Two Bored Apes, an NFT Podcast. Today, we are really thrilled to bring you another very special episode. The legendary american film director Spike Lee joined us to talk about The Visible Project, his upcoming NFT Project (and about basketball too). 

The Visible Project is a Web3 incubator focused on the future of independent art. A collection of almost 4,000 NFTs that will feature original frames from “She’s Gotta Have It”. 

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We hope to see you here again soon! 

00:00 Not Financial Advice + Intro

1:50 What is “The Visible Project”?

7:53 Basketball Talk

10:13 Empowering creators

20:20 Mint details and utility for “The Visible Project”

27:00 What success looks like for “The Visible Project”?

31:55 Ending (Two Bored Apes, talking NFTs...)

The Visible Project

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